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We do not offer a 24 hour call out service


If you do have an emergency out of hours



·         Water Leaks

·         Turn off the main cold water stop tap ( Usually under the kitchen sink )

·         Run the hot and cold water taps until empty

·         If the leak is on a central heating pipe switch off the boiler. If you have a Combi boiler turn off the flow and return valves (These are normally the left and right hand valves at the back of the boiler) this will stop the leak once the pressure is gone.

·         If you need a reliable plumber to carry out the repairs out of hours follow this link www.competentpersonsscheme.co.uk/ during normal hours  ring one of the contact numbers on our contacts page


·         Gas Leaks


·         Turn off all gas appliances


·         Turn off the gas supply at the gas meter


·         Ring the emergency number on the gas meter or in your phone book and follow their advice